Wed, Jun 19th, 2013

The Harrison Career Center is still accepting students for next school year. Students may enroll over the summer by contacting the Career Center at (740) 942-2148, or on-line at www.BHCCenters.com.

The Harrison Career Center is offering "Welding" as a new program this August. Students will gain a basic understanding of arc welding, oxy-acetylene welding and cutting, plasma cutting, carbon arc, gas metal arc welding, tungsten inert gas welding, shielded metal arc welding, fabrication, blueprint reading, welding symbols and welding safety (11th, 12th grade).

"Agricultural Mechanics" is the most comprehensive mechanics program available to students wanting an extensive range of knowledge within the mechanical field. Students learn engine rebuilding (gas and diesel), electrical systems (including computer), engine troubleshooting, hydraulic systems, welding and fabricating (11th, 12th grade).

The "Marketing" program is geared toward students who are interested in the retail field. They study all elements of marketing, as well as, sales, advertising and public relations. Students co-op with half the day spent in class and half working at a sales oriented job (11th, 12th grade).

The "Hospitality & Facility Care Services" program includes instruction and experience in hospitality and lodging, guest relations, room service, institutional facility care, environmental service, meeting and banquet services, and commercial laundry and linen services. Placement of a student in this program will be determined by the Special Needs Supervisor according to guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Education (10th, 11th, 12th grade).

The Harrison Career Center also offers programs for freshmen and sophomores. The "Connections" program will help freshmen get on the right path toward graduation. Academic classes are included with lab activities to meet the necessary credit requirements. Lab activities include drafting, basic woodworking, electrical wiring, welding, carpentry and more (9th grade).

"Occupational Lab" will provide sophomores with the knowledge and experiences needed to select and pursue a career occupation. Students will learn aspects of drafting, computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, Computer Numerically Controlled programming and CNC operation, Process Control Training system, woodworking, welding, natural resources and agricultural mechanics (10th grade).

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