Belmont Instructor
Matt McCardle

( 11th Grade - 12th Grade )

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Skilled Trades Classes


Carpentry is an ancient and honored trade. It involves the working of woods to form many of the luxuries to the basic requirements of our everyday lives, from fine furniture to the homes we live in. The aim of the Carpentry program is to provide the student with the skills necessary to successfully enter the home building end of the trade.

Junior students receive training in aspects of equipment usage and safety. Students also develop the ability to use hand tools, while successfully constructing several small projects, such as, a sawhorse without using power equipment.

Basic home-building is also taught during the junior year. Students participate in the construction of several large training modules including a mock-up of a home built in lab.

During the senior year, students construct a modular home. This project allows students to demonstrate skills they have already learned, while also developing new skills. The modular home is put on auction or sold through a realtor at the end of the school year.

Skills Learned:
- Site layout and leveling
- Floor and wall framing
- Ceiling framing and truss application
- Electrical wiring
- Roofing application
- Interior and exterior finish

Employment Opportunities:
- Residential construction
- Commercial construction
- Drywall installer
- Roofer
- Hardwood flooring and tile installer
- Construction sales person