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Agricultural Mechanics (Diesel)
Belmont Instructor
David Wise

Harrison Instructor

Alan Albright

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Agricultural Mechanics (Diesel)
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Agricultural Mechanics (Diesel)
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Agricultural Mechanics (Diesel)
( 10th Grade - 11th Grade - 12th Grade )

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Mechanics Classes

Agricultural Mechanics (Diesel)

This program is the most comprehensive mechanics program available to students wanting an extensive range of knowledge within the mechanical field. Students learn engine rebuilding (gas and diesel), electrical systems (including computer), engine troubleshooting, hydraulic systems, welding, and fabricating.

Mechanics check parts for damage using gauges and meters. They also clean parts by spraying or soaking them in solvent. They grease and oil parts as needed. Mechanics repair or replace worn parts. They use hand tools to remove the parts and machine repair some parts. If necessary, mechanics use welding equipment to repair broken frames or parts. When repairs are complete, they reassemble and test the equipment for performance and safety.

Heavy equipment mechanics who work in large repair shops perform more complex repairs. They may rebuild engines, fix electrical problems or repair hydraulic pumps. Mechanics in large shops often specialize in one or two types of work. A shop may have specialists in major engine repair, transmission work, electrical systems and brake systems.

Skills Learned:
- Electronic diagnostics
- Engine repair
- Hydraulic systems
- Drive trains
- Fuel systems
- Agriculture and industrial equipment repair

Employment Opportunities:
- Service manager
- Service technician
- Parts sales person
- Farm hand

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