BHCC Staff Directory click name to email

Name Program/Subject/Title Location Ext Email
Lucas, Mark Treasurer BCC 1134
Glitch, Bill Marketing Coordinator BCC 1154
Huston, John Drafting and CAD Applications BCC 695-1584
Matis, Brent PC and Network Technologies BCC 1122/1168
Goodrich, Alison Hair Design BCC 1218
Hawthorne, Debbie Dental Assisting BCC 1120
Baum, Keith Culinary Food Service BCC 425-3617
Birney, Maura Allied Health Science BCC 1125
McCardle, Matt Carpentry BCC 1138
Garrett, Matt Automotive Technology BCC 1144
Clark, Bryan Agricultural & Industrial Mechanics (Diesel) BCC 1115
Tharp, Ramona Hospitality & Tourism BCC 1170
Kunze, Marjorie Occupational Lab BCC 1504
Reese, Ed Connections BCC 1152
Galownia, Charles Small Engine Technology BCC 1165
Yochum, Cathy Allied Health Science BCC 1125
Whitlatch, Terry Precision Machining BCC 1124
Mullen, Lorie School-Based Mental Health Therapist BCC 1156
Kosikowski, Bryan Physical Education BCC 1121
Kyer, Julie EMIS Coord/Supt. Secretary BCC 1166
Schoene, Richard Superintendent BCC 1190
Shaw, Neely Business/St. Clairsville HS BCC 695-1584
DeNoble, Rich Construction Technologies/St. Clairsville HS BCC 695-1584
Vinskovich, Jamie Interactive Media/Shadyside BCC 676-3235
Blake, Brian Applied Science BCC 1511
Chirpas, Dana English & Communications BCC 1505
Malloy, Rhonda Construction Trades BCC 1152
Furbee, Ken Social Studies BCC 1512
Coleman, Devan Applied Science BCC 1127
Hardy, Jennifer Social Studies/Government BCC 1513
James, Russ Applied Math BCC 1517
Garrett, Theresa In-School Suspension BCC 1400
Teliga, Darlene English & Communications BCC 1508
Wehr, Gina English BCC 1506
Fisher, Pam Cafeteria BCC 1142
Bratton, Leigh Fiscal Assistant/Budgetary BCC 1137
Wells, Jordan Fiscal Assistant/Payroll BCC 1145
Elerick, Lisa Cafeteria BCC 1142
Chini, Danielle Secretary/Special Education BCC 1136
Frye, Jeff Intervention Specialist BCC 1252
Morrison, Cathy Intervention Specialist BCC 1250
Weeks, Jennifer Assessment Center Aide BCC 1155
Supanik, Cheryl Intervention Specialist BCC 1251
Smith, Amanda Assessment Center Specialist BCC 1155
Ignace, Michele Secretary/Main Office BCC 1111
Bell, Brian Maintenance BCC 1131
Kyer, Timmy Maintenance BCC 1131
Gibson, Bob Custodian BCC 1131
Richmond, Bobby Interactive Media/St. Clairsville HS BCC 695-1584
Fisher, Jack School Counselor/BCC BCC 1164
Yochum, Rusty Custodian BCC 1131
Hanson, Heather Director of Human Resources & Curriculum BCC 1114
Norman, Paula Director of Special Education/Testing Coordinator BCC 1129
Hanson, Gus Principal/Belmont Career Center BCC 1113
Karkowski, Melissa Resource Center Aide BCC 1150
Hughes, Scott Math/Science/Intervention BCC 1509
Luyster, Lilli Guidance Associate BCC 1132
Woodruff, Josh Technology Specialist BCC 1600
Skinner, Leslie Business/Barnesville HS BCC 425-3617
Wolfe, Cathy Math BCC 1516
Krajnyak, Susie Job Placement Coordinator BCC 1167
Giffin, Don Small Engine Technology BCC 1165
Littell, Misty Cafeteria BCC 1142
Lucas, Beth Secretary/Guidance BCC 1339
Williams, Kristina Intervention Specialist BCC 1119
Besozzi, Brandi School Counselor/HCC HCC 2404
Triplett, Curry Hospitality & Tourism HCC 2410
Bossell, Larry Lead Teacher HCC 2403
Stewart, Paden Math HCC 2414
Albright, Alan Agricultural & Industrial Mechanics (Diesel) HCC 2432
Poe, Todd Intervention Specialist HCC 2458
Guthrie, Greg Welding HCC 2436
Losey, Gloria Social Studies HCC 2415
Meadows, Melody English & Communications HCC 2413
McClintock, Diana Cafeteria HCC 2424
McClintock, Mitch Maintenance HCC 2446
Murray, Jennifer Intervention Specialist HCC 2451
Tripp, Brent Science HCC 2412
Dulkoski, Angela Secretary/Harrison Career Center HCC 2401
McFarland, Matt Visual Graphics & Web Design HCC 2450
Moore, Jessica Educational Aide HCC 2402
Miller, Carole In-School Suspension Monitor HCC 2416
Donahue, John Custodian HCC 2446
Gamble, Valerie Educational Aide HCC
The Belmont-Harrison Vocational School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.
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