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Wed, Feb 9th, 2022

Belmont Career Center

Introducing the "BCC Bistro"

The Hospitality & Tourism program at the Belmont Career Center announces the opening of the "BCC Bistro."  Hospitality & Tourism instructor, Ms. Erin Elerick, created student focus groups to gain knowledge of desired products to offer in the Bistro.  Results led to coffee products, smoothies and a variety of snack options.

The Bistro opened this past December and offers a variety of tasty snacks that adhere to the government nutritional regulations of smart snacks that may be sold in schools.  The Hospitality & Tourism students have learned through a gradual approach how to provide outstanding customer service, track inventory, finalize sales and run reports by using a new point of sale (POS) system.

Some of the most popular items offered at the BCC Bistro include hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, blended fruit smoothies, shaved ice bowls and slushies.  The coffee options include freshly ground coffee beans and premium coffee flavors that may be added to create hot or iced coffee specialties.  Students can utilize a milk frothier or add freshly made whipped cream to top off a delicious creation.

The Hospitality & Tourism program is honored to have Executive Chef, Rocco Basil, as a professional mentor for its students.  Chef Basil brings a lifetime of knowledge and expertise to the BCC Bistro.  "We are fortunate to have Chef Basil share his time, talents and enthusiasm with the students," stated Ms. Elerick.

The Hospitality & Tourism program is available to high school students in grades 9-12. 

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