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Wed, May 25th, 2022

Belmont Career Center

Senior Certificate Ceremony

Belmont Career Center students were honored during the 51st annual Senior Certificate Ceremony and Awards Presentation on Wednesday, May 25, at the Health & Physical Education Center at Ohio University Eastern.

Scholarship, attendance, outstanding career-technical student awards, and career-technical certificates were presented to 78 seniors.

Top honor students were Kaelyn (Mae) Brokaw, daughter of Brenda Pritts and Kirk Brokaw of Flushing, Brianna Hoffman, daughter of Lori and Ronnie Ruskin of St. Clairsville, and Jonethan Scott, son of Doris Scott of Shadyside.

Brokaw completed the Hair Design program and graduated from Union Local High School.  She passed her state board exam and received her Cosmetology license.  She has been on the Principle's List and Honor Roll throughout high school.  She was also inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.

She plans to attend The Ohio State University while working in a salon.

Hoffman completed the Hospitality & Tourism program and graduated from Union Local High School.  She has been on the Principal's List and Honor Roll throughout high school.  She is a member of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.  She was "Student of the Month" in November of her junior year, and also voted "Student of the Year" that same school year.

She plans to attend Belmont College to pursue a degree in Graphic Design and Electronic Media.

Scott completed the PC & Network Technology program and graduated from Shadyside High School.  He was a member of the theater group for two years and has been on the Principal's List and Honor Roll throughout high school.  He was also inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.

He plans to continue his education at Belmont college.

Seniors receiving their career-technical certificates were:

Agricultural Mechanics (Diesel) Honor Amie, St. Clairsville; Zander Boston, Barnesville; Zackery Griffin, Martins Ferry; Brenndan Miller, St. Clairsville; Kenny Newland, Bridgeport; Logan Phillips, Union Local; Brad Robbins, Bellaire; Brady Roth, St. Clairsville; and Collin Uchbar, Bellaire.

Auto Collision Technology Donielle Bunfill, Barnesville; Thomas Lynn, Union Local; Kaitlyn Roth, St. Clairsville; Dakota Wells, Union Local; and Joah Whiteley, Barnesville.

Automotive Technology James Helms, Union Local; Mikayla McKeen, Bridgeport; Gage Richards, Bridgeport; Tyler Simeth, Bridgeport; and Cody Swauger, Bridgeport.

Carpentry Ryan Crall, Shadyside; Matthew Garrett, Union Local; Aidan Myers, Union Local; Jesse O'Day, Harrison Central; Acacia Rasberry, Union Local; and Gavin Underwood, Union Local.

Dental Assisting Amy Blankenship, Bellaire; Serena Hughes, St. Clairsville; Taylor Namyslosky, Union Local; and Kylie Stull, Harrison Central.

Hair Design Mae Brokaw, Union Local; Olivia Crupe, Bellaire; Samantha Doty, Bellaire; Stacey Kuhn, Shadyside; Jay Lucas, Union Local; Haze McNickle, Martins Ferry; Samantha Orr, Union Local; Syan Sturgeon, Harrison Central; Cassandra Thompson, Harrison Central; and Jayden Wines, Bellaire.

Hospitality & Tourism Brianna Hoffman, Union Local; Spencer Lay, Bellaire; Valorie McGuire, Union Local; Neveaha Seese, Shadyside, and Angel Sweazy, Bellaire.

PC & Network Technology Ethan Blawut, Union Local; Marshall Dias, St. Clairsville; Zane McEwen, Bellaire; and Johnethan Scott, Shadyside.

Pharmacy Technician Mallory Jeffers, Union Local; Madison McBride, Union Local; and Alexis Stewart, Union Local.

Precision Machining Tia Schreiner, Bellaire; Samantha Tanner, St. Clairsville; Daniel Traczyk, St. Clairsville; and Jacob Vigoffi, Union Local.

Small Engine Technology Ashton Eckert, Bridgeport; Nick Evans, Harrison Central; Jesse Glover, St. Clairsville; Kyle Hirschbach, Harrison Central; Michael Keffer, Harrison Central; Devin Lucas, Union Local; Jacob Phillips, Union Local; and Dylan Zamski, Bridgeport.

Welding Joshua Bogovich, Martins Ferry; Bo Brandon, Union Local; Matthew Bumgardner, Union Local; Nick Burrows, Barnesville; Whitney Fulton, St. Clairsville; Payton Graham, Shadyside; Job Hannahs, Barnesville; Jarett Harris, St. Clairsville; Kelsey Morris, Bridgeport; Tyler Patterson, Union Local; Logan Shephard, Barnesville; Zack Smalley, Bridgeport; and Mason Smith, Martins Ferry.

The students pictured above received Career-Technical Honors Awards.  They were recognized for being the best students in their individual programs.  From left, are Debbie Kenny, school board president, Harrison Hills; Jason Ayers, school board vice president, Bellaire; Kaitlyn Roth, Auto Collision Technology, St. Clairsville; Logan Shephard, Welding, Barnesville; Nick Evans, Small Engine Technology, Harrison Central; Daniel Traczyk, Precision Machining, St. Clairsville; James Helms, Automotive Technology, Union Local; Logan Phillips, Agricultural Mechanics (Diesel), Union Local; Zane McEwen, PC & Network Technology, Bellaire; Taylor Namyslosky, Dental Assisting, Union Local; Brianna Hoffman, Hospitality & Tourism, Union Local; Mae Brokaw, Hair Design, Union Local; and Mallory Jeffers, Pharmacy Technician, Union Local.

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