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Visual Graphics

10th Grade - 11th Grade - 12th Grade

Students will learn to design, develop and produce interactive media projects, websites and social media contexts. Students will demonstrate methods of creating professional quality media using commercial and open source software.

Students will learn techniques for transforming photographic images, through the use of digital cameras, computers and mobile devices. To accomplish this, they will learn software photo editing techniques including layering, color correction, masking and special effects.

Students will learn aspects of gaming design. They will use 3-D graphic software which allows them to model 3-D characters and objects, as well as, apply physics and gaming logic to control both the character and the environment that they have created. Students use virtual TTL logic gates to make things occur as needed within the game. They can also use texture mapping to create a completely lifelike computer generated object.

Students will use animation and storyboarding techniques to plan the production of an animation project. Students will design from script and storyboard actions in the pre-production planning process. Students will use commercial and open source digital animation software to create finished animations, cartoons and other short movies. They will accomplish this using animated text, character movements, voice, background sound, sound effects, camera movements and multiple scenes.

The Visual Graphics & Web Design program is available to 10th, 11th and 12th grade students.

Skills Learned:
- Desktop publishing
- 2-D and 3-D animation
- Photography
- Digital editing
- Web page design/development

Employment Opportunities:
- Website project manager
- Graphic designer
- Multimedia technician
- Advertising artist
- Digital imagery technician
- Photographer

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