Belmont Instructor
Garrett Cox

Harrison Instructor

Greg Guthrie
( 11th Grade - 12th Grade )

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Skilled Trades Classes


Welders use heat to permanently join pieces of metal in order to repair parts used in various products and construction. Welders, especially those with a wide variety of skills, are needed in both commercial and industrial businesses. As long as products are constructed of metal, welding will continue to play a major role in US business and industry.

Students are exposed to a variety of welding techniques on multiple types of materials. Primary instruction includes welding safety, metallurgy, plasma arc and oxyfuel cutting, blueprint reading and OSHA safety. Students are exposed to welding standards and codes, welding inspection and to the certification process.

Students spend up to two hours per day in lab, practicing welds and making repairs to items manufactured from metal.

Skills Learned:
- Shielded metal arc welding
- Gas metal arc welding
- Tungsten inert gas welding
- Oxyfuel flame cutting
- Fabrication and blueprint reading
- Welding symbols

Employment Opportunities:
- Fabrication welder
- Construction welder
- Pipe welder
- Repair welder
- Welding equipment salesperson