Belmont Instructor
Terry Whitlatch

( 11th Grade - 12th Grade )

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Skilled Trades Classes

Precision Machining

Students learn safety and operation of milling machines, drill presses, grinders and lathes. Students create, to a high degree of accuracy, machined parts from various materials such as metals and plastics. These machined parts are used directly or indirectly as components to create such items as automobiles, airplanes, appliances, computers and medical equipment used in everyday life.

Students will invent, design and make the tools and parts for a wide range of manufacturing needs. They will also utilize advanced computer-controlled technology to create steel, aluminum and plastic components. Critical thinking and math skills are used to master blueprint interpretation and product fabrication.

Students will be qualified to enter the job market as a machinist apprentice or machine operator.

Skills Learned:
- Precision measuring procedures
- Blueprint reading
- Milling machine operation
- Drill press operation
- Lathe operation
- Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining

Employment Opportunities:
- Machinist
- Mold maker
- Tool and die maker
- CNC programmer/machinist
- Machine maintenance specialist